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Favorite JE Member/Singer:
Why do you like ____?:

Favorite Song?:

Why did you add me?:
Why should I add you back?:
Tell me two things about yourself that you're proud of:
Hope We All Can Be Good Friends :D

CONSTRUCTION as of Aug 2,2011

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Hello! My name is Yadira but you can call me Yadi.
My birthday is February 2nd and I am 15 years old.
My ethnicity is Hispanic. Mexican actually but I'm from the USA.(People say I'm weird for liking Japanese music but I love it!)
My favorite band is Hey!Say!JUMP and I love them because they give me inspiration and bring me happiness.
My favorite song is hard to choose but I guess it is Infinity?
I added you because you have Yabu as your icon so you're a HSJ fan too right?
You should add me because we could share similar interests and become friends.
Two things I am proud of is competing in Track and field as a mile runner and for attempting to learn Japanese by attending classes.

Hi Yadi, you're a year younger then me :O! I don't think it's weird that you like Japanese music~ Ohhhh I'm definitely a JUMP fan. Kota's my absolute favorite ^_^♥. You're really on the track and field team ?? A couple of my friends are on that team at my school(:

Oh just a year younger than you! cool.
So Yabu is your favorite? He is really cute! I love how he is the oldest but he is still childish sometimes.
Yeah I really am on the track team and it's really hard!
Thanks for adding me!

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