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Make A Wish :)

Hi, I'm Mel..Melanie actually but just Mel's fine(: I used to go by Rina but I decided to go with my real name. Ayukawa Rina is just a fictional character really...I created her to apply for all those OC fics that no one ever finishes XD. Rina has actually become one of my nicknames but yeah anyway, I wanted a brand new start so I changed my theme and... everything as well :)
Dreams are my escape. I'm a tennis player. I sing. I have a weakness for cute things. I give advice. I'll be honest. I love eating. I laugh everyday. I'm positive. I'm caring. I'm poison-tongued. I'm sarcastic. I'm me. In short, I'm just a simple girl, looking for a place to share my thoughts.
Get to know me though, not about me♥
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